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Heat Pump

Heat pump is different from furnace. Heat pump does not generate heat from burning fuel. It just uses electricity to transfer heat from one place to another.

Using heat pump is another way on energy-saving to keep your house cool in the summer and keep warm in the winter.  Whether it is the hottest day in summer or the coldest day in winter, the heat pump works every day to keep you and your family comfortable.


Every year the government will have some new policies to provide some related subsidies to the owners of newly installed heat pumps.  Contact us to check your eligibility.


Two different types of Heat Pumps


    It uses forced ventilation ducts to distribute heating and cooling, and ductless heat pump systems do not require forced ventilation systems.

  2. Ductless/ mini-split system

    The most basic ductless heat pump system consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, which are connected by refrigerant pipes and wires to provide district heating and cooling without pipes.

    The outdoor unit is installed on the wall outside the house; the refrigerant pipe connects the indoor unit and the outdoor unit through a small hole on the wall, which can directly transport the heated or cooled air to the living space. The system has two main components: 1. Outdoor compressor/condenser 2. Indoor air handling device (wall-mounted/ceiling-mounted) connected to the compressor/condenser.

    In general, it is more affordable, and more efficient than a pipeline heat pump system. High-performance ductless heat pumps are an effective alternative to ducted heat pumps. It is also called a split heat pump.

    The ductless multi-zone system can combine one outdoor unit with multiple indoor units to provide comfort for the entire family. 

Ducted System
Ductless/ Mini-split system