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The furnace uses a system of ducts and vents to distribute heating throughout the house. The main components of the system include air filters, blowers, heat exchangers and various control devices. The thermostat is used to control the temperature of the house.  Most of furnaces are usually installed in basement, closets, mezzanine spaces and/or attics.

This type of heating system is called ducted heating or mandatory heating distribution system.  It normally powered by natural gas and we’d found some customers are using electricity or oil.

The costs of using old furnace  can be very high, even if you are using natural gas (which is the lowest cost heating energy).

JT technicians can assist you in deciding whether to use gas or electric type of heating system.  Also JT provides installation services, professional and skilled repair and maintenance services for old machines.

Every year, the government will have some new policies to provide some relevant subsidies to owners who newly install furnace. Check with us and see if you are eligible.