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Boiler is different from the furnace, it will not generate dust in your room.  Even an air filter cannot completely eliminate this inherent influence.

Boiler circulates water to heat up the house, which is very comfortable and controls the temperature of the room better . Compared with conventional heaters, all these characteristics of the boiler can provide a good health and efficiency effect.

JT provides installation services, professional and skilled repair and maintenance services for old machines.

Every year, the government will have some new policies to provide some relevant subsidies to owners who newly install boiler. Check with us and see if you are eligible.

High Efficiency Boiler

High-efficiency boilers using condensing technology have an annual fuel utilization rate (AFUE) of 94% or higher.

The higher AFUE level of the boiler, the higher efficiency.  The AFUE of the basic and old system is about 70%, while the AFUE of the medium-efficiency system is about 80%.

The efficiency of the boiler directly affects your energy bill. The more efficient your boiler is, the less fuel it uses, thereby reducing costs.  The  advantage of a high-efficiency boiler is it saves fuel costs immediately, and it is possible to reduce bills by up to half.   Moreover, these devices are environmentally friendly and have lower emissions.  Another advantage is that they do not require big air pipe through the windows.  Instead, they only use a small PVC pipe runs through the side of the house.

Compared with older low-efficiency boilers, high-efficiency boilers can greatly reduce your home heating costs!  Discuss with us and see how we can help you to save.