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Heating System


The furnace is one of the most expensive & important device in the house.  Most of furnaces have a sophisticated electrical system that provides efficient heating as needed, and it only be repaired or maintained by certified and licensed gas technicians.  JT has the licensed technician and provides you with reasonable price on the furnace installation, repair and maintenance services.

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JT Heat & Cool provides services for boilers in any size or model.

If you discovered problems such as : heat reduced in boiler heating, clogged pipes, broken seals, or strange noises from the boiler equipment itself, contact us immediately, and we can find out what cause the problem and also provide preventive service  before the big problem occurred.

Check with us for HOME OWNER GRANT on new boiler installation.

Heat Pump

Heat pump equipment can be used to heat and cool the space, allowing you to keep warm in winter and cool down in summer.

Such systems have different sizes and capacities, but the functions are quite similar.  It requires regular maintenance, cleaning and inspections from refrigerant replacement to filtration problems and leaks.

Check with us for HOME OWNER GRANT on new Heat Pump installation.

JT Heat Cool provides services for following brands