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Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning

Ductless Air (Mini-split system) Conditioning

The Ductless Air Conditioning system is installed at outdoor.  And indoor cooling coils around the entire house.

The outdoor unit pumps cold refrigerant into the coil, and the coil absorbs the heat and hot air in the room, thereby cooling the air.  Then, the warm refrigerant is pumped to the outdoors, and the fan blows the air to the condenser to radiate heat to the outdoors.


JT provides installation services of air conditioners manufactured by many high-quality brands, and provides air-conditioning equipment with high competitive prices.

Feel free to Contact Us to see how we can help your determination of the size and model of the air conditioner which suitable for your house.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) System


HRV System is ideal for families located in colder climates. The system transfers the heat inside the house to the outside and then transfers it into fresh air and transports it back to the house, providing continuous fresh air to the room, increasing comfort, and helping to control water condensation in winter.