Service Greater Vancouver Area



  • Repair and install water system, garburator, dishwasher, faucet, flush toilet, sink, and water pump.
  • Repair indoor and outdoor water pipe bursts and flooding problems, assist customers to file insurance claims.
  • Solve the problem of clogging of kitchens, toilets, rainwater pipes and sewage pipes, dredge or replace some damaged pipes.
  • Replacement of gray pipes and copper pipes with high risk in the whole house.
  • Installation of various commercial residential water backflow prevention facilities and help customers submit annual inspection reports. Residential buildings are mainly sprinkler systems.

Heating System

  • Repair and install water heaters, wall-mounted water heaters, and high-efficiency energy-saving heat pump water heaters.
  • Repair, install and maintain various boilers, air heaters, fireplaces, commercial ceiling air heaters.
  • Assist customers in applying for various government subsidies.

Air Conditioning System

  • Maintenance, repair and installation of various commercial and household central air conditioners, split air conditioners, apartment water-cooled air conditioners, commercial rooftop units, commercial indoor water coolers, heat pump heating and cooling systems.
  • Assist customers in applying for various government subsidies.

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